Fees & Refunds...

There are several types of business and training programs offered by JWT that come with immigration Visas to the United States.



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE - READ FIRST:  There is no fee required to submit and process the Training Program Application/Questionnaire for approval of participation in a training program.

The Candidate/Student can submit the Application/Questionnaire with all required documentation and photos to The Job and Work Training Company.

Then, the review and application processing time takes between 24 to 48 hours after receipt of the Application/Questionnaire.

Once the Candidate/Student is notified by e-mail that they are approved for a Training Program they are required to submit their Application Processing and Position Reservation Fees within 72 hours of that notification.

Upon the Candidate/Student receiving the documents and Petition (Letter of Invitation) from the Job and Work Training Office and prior to 72 hours before the appointed time for the interview at the U.S. Embassy, the Candidate/Student is required to deposit in a local bank account at a local bank in their country, the Training Program Fees.

In the event the Candidate/Student is denied a Visa the bank will refund their Training Program Fee upon proof by the Candidate/Student and The Job and work Training Program that the Candidate/Student has been denied a visa.

In the event that the visa is granted, the bank will release the Training Program Fee to The Job and Work Training Company.

IMPORTANT :  All fees are due and payable before the Candidate/Student arrives at the first airport of arrival in the United States or the Visa will be invalidated and cancelled before arrival and will subject the Candidate/Student to immediate deportation.  With the exception of the Application Processing and Position Reservation Fees, no other fees are required to be paid to The Job and Work Training Company until the Candidate/Student obtains the Visa but must be deposited in the bank account designated by JWT.



There are several fees charged relating to the programs offered by JWT.  Each fee is separate and distinct from one another and must be paid when required to be paid.

For The United States Programs...

Application Processing Fee :  $200 USD

Position Reservation Fee :  $200 USD

Training Program Fee :  Depending upon program (Contact JWT Representative)

Business Program Fee :  Depending upon program (Contact JWT Representative)

U.S. Embassy Interview Fee :  Contact Embassy for current price.

U.S. Visa Fee :  Depending upon type of Visa - Contact Embassy for current price.



Transportation & Travel-Related Fees and Costs :  If a Visa is approved by the U.S. Embassy to come to the United States to attend and participate in a training, work or business program, the Student has to pay for their own transportation from their home country to the Training Program location in the United States.  Depending upon the program the Student will be participating in, the Student may or may not be required to pay for all of part of their their own living expenses.



Fees Paid to JWT :  All fees paid to JWT are refundable.  In the event the U.S. Embassy denies the Student Visa and entry into the United States, the JWT will refund any money paid to the JWT.

Fees Paid to U.S. Government :  All fees paid to the U.S. Government for interview at Embassy and filing fees for petition/paperwork/ document processing, is non refundable.

Reimbursement for Good Performance : If the student maintains good training scores and behavior, JWT may reimburse the cost of Student's airplane ticket and may reimburse the cost of the training program.  This reimbursement varies from training program to training program.  See details of the Apprentice or Intern Training and Employment Program you will be participating in.  ALL reimbursements apply after the first six (6) months of successful Apprentice or Intern training and employment.




New special training, apprenticeship and internship employment programs are once again offered in the United States for the M-1/I-20 Visa.  These special programs are offered to the Citizens of the following countries:

The Job and Work Training Company is offering a NEW PROGRAM for people to own part of a United States Company or all of a United States Company operating an Internet Store that will allow them to apply for a "Business Category Visa".  Please review all of the training, business and apprentice and internship programs offered specially to citizens of the following countries: