The jobs available in the United States are Apprenticeship and Internship Jobs through the Work Training Programs offered by JWT and its affiliated Companies and Vocational Training Programs.



All of the below-listed job programs are available in the United States with the exception of the Medical/Health-Related job programs which are available in the United States and the United Kingdom (UK).

Upon successfully completing vocational training, JWT will place the student in suitable employment upon the student's request.  The Job Placement Services are free but only available to approved JWT students.


Apprenticeship & Internship Programs and Jobs Available...

The below information lists job categories and areas of vocational instruction offered by the JWT training programs in the United States and the UK.

There are two categories listed:  (A) Skilled and (B) Semi-Skilled and Unskilled.

There are too many available jobs to list.  You will have to tell us what type of job you would like to train for, and be placed in.  We will inform you if the job is still available before you apply for admission into any of the JWT vocational training programs.


ALL JOBS REQUIRE PARTICIPATING IN A TRAINING PROGRAM BEFORE PLACEMENT - whether or not your feel you require any training.

Immediately following training or during training you will be placed into a Apprenticeship or Internship Job position with a JWT affiliated company.


 (1)  Management and Supervisory (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Sales, and other areas - learning about wholesale and retail management, store and business operations management, marketing and promotion, managing people, etc.)

 (2)  Teaching\Instructing (General Categories - non medical) - General Academic and Vocational Education (All academic and vocational subjects and trades - if you know a trade or subject and you want to become an instructor for one of JWT companies and training programs, we are looking for Teachers and Instructors - we will training you to become a teacher\instructor)

 (3)  Teaching\Instructing - Language Arts (English, German, French, Spanish and other Languages - we are looking to train people to become teachers\instructors in foreign languages)

 (4)  Scientific Research (Bio-Sciences - all specialties\fields)

 (5)  Engineering (Civil and Mechanical, Construction, Hydro, Aerospace, Electrical and other areas)

 (6)  Allied Medical and Health Care (Medical Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Nursing Assistants and Medical Technicians - If you are a foreign medical doctor or nurse, we will cross-train you to practice in the United States or train you to become a medical care provider in specialty areas such as elderly and wound care, nursing assistant, and other specialties - JWT will assist the student in obtaining their USMLE's and STATE LICENSES.  Positions also available in the UK.)

 (7)  Mental Health Care (Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers - JWT will assist the student in obtaining their USMLE's and STATE LICENSES.)

 (8)  Computer IT Professionals (Programmers - any language, Network Engineers, Web Development, Animation, Live Streaming and Feeds and other positions)

 (9)  Aviation Pilots (Airline, General Commercial and Charter Pilots)

(10)  Business and Administrative Management (Many areas)

(11)  Human Resources (Human Resources Management, Recruiting, Employment and Staffing Companies)



 (1)  Newspaper and Magazine Publishing (Editing, Publishing, Reporting and Writing)

 (2)  Video and Television Production and Broadcasting

 (3)  Radio Broadcasting (all areas)

 (4)  Sales and Customer Services (Many areas)

 (5)  Retail Businesses (Many areas)

 (6)  Manufacturing and Processing (Various Jobs and Products, Food Processing, Wood Products, and other areas)

 (7)  Drivers (Trucking, Cars, Courier Services, Taxi, General Delivery Services, Transportation, etc.)

 (8)  Secretarial, Clerk, and Administrative Assistants


There are many more employment positions available.  If you do not see an Employment (Job) category, please inquire and tell us what you are seeking.

Please contact JWT for further information.




New special training, apprenticeship and internship employment programs are once again offered in the United States for the M-1/I-20 Visa.  These special programs are offered to the Citizens of the following countries:

The Job and Work Training Company is offering a NEW PROGRAM for people to own part of a United States Company or all of a United States Company operating an Internet Store that will allow them to apply for a "Business Category Visa".  Please review all of the training, business and apprentice and internship programs offered specially to citizens of the following countries: